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A Seasonal Serenade of Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast
One of the Finest Luxury Inns in the Midwest

Spring at the Inn

  • watching for the first peak of snowdrops through the leaves
  • clearing out the flowerbeds
  • cleaning out the birdhouses to welcome returning bluebirds
  • picking fresh chives and sorrel for omelets
  • enjoying waves of over 2,000 bulb blossoms, a Master Gardener's delight
  • planting wildflower and vegetable seeds
  • planting lettuces and herbs in the rock garden
  • replacing the screens and enjoying the fresh air
  • drying freshly washed comforters in the spring breeze
  • hearing the first songbirds and tree frogs serenade us
Spring at Songbird Prairie

Summertime at the Inn

  • serving iced tea instead of hot
  • having many fresh herbs to choose from
  • picking our own fresh cherry tomatoes - and eating them straight from the vine
  • watering the gardens
  • sitting in the shade gardens and enjoying the cool, earthy air
  • collecting monarda for fresh green tea
  • cutting fresh lavender and hanging to dry
  • swaying in the hammocks
  • watching the fireflies provide a light show over the cornfields
  • hoping it will soon cool off so we can turn off the air conditioning
Spring at Songbird Prairie

Autumn at the Inn

  • saying goodbye to the day lilies, tomatoes and peppers
  • enjoying the cool fall breezes
  • watching the first change of the sassafras from green to orange, yellow and red
  • mowing and weeding less frequently; pulling out all the summer annuals
  • storing the furniture until spring
  • picking the many varieties of apples on the property for breakfast sides and dessert
  • picking pumpkins and corn stalks
  • watching the progression of leaves fall
  • raking leaves
Spring at Songbird Prairie

Winter at the Inn

  • enjoying the slower pace
  • spending more time in the kitchen taste-testing new dishes
  • lighting the fireplaces
  • making careful selections from the many seed catalogs that we always overdo
  • enjoying guests as they spend more time around the Inn
  • seeing more deer in the freshly fallen snow, searching for that last apple
  • decorating for the holidays
  • planning for Valentine's Day
  • growing weary of snowstorms and snowplowing the entrance road
  • looking for more sunshine throughout our day
Spring at Songbird Prairie

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